Wednesday, April 06, 2011

President Obama: "I'm fired up. I don't know about everyone else."

How about it folks, are you fired up?

President Obama opened up the call with grassroots supporters across the country this evening, after officially launching his reelection bid earlier in the day, by saying, “I’m fired up, I don’t know about everyone else.”

Fired up? I don't think so. Nor are the once passionate and loyal supporters like those over at Americablog. SCLiberal sums up the thinking over there: "Obama has destroyed my belief in any kind of political process that benefits Americans."

Blogger John Moyers proposes some new Obama slogans:

"Change you can believe in: As long as you don't expect ME to get out front and make a forceful argument for it."

"Change you can believe in: As long as the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce approve."

"Change you can believe in: As long as it doesn't really challenge the power of Wall Street or inconvenience the wealthy."

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