Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hillary Speaks at Geraldine Ferraro's Funeral

When Walter Mondale spoke at Geraldine Ferraro's funeral, he revealed that after her nomination, Gerry Ferraro advised him that they might have an easier time navigating the tricky dynamics of gender, if he “treated her as if she were a male, white-haired senator from Texas.”

Even the simple tradition of candidates putting their arms around each other takes on new meaning when the candidates are no longer two good old boys.

Mondale remembered:

“Every day, she was patronized in a way not experienced by male candidates. If they ever make another movie about true grit, it should be about Gerry.”

And from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton:

“Gerry and I are often linked together. She is seen correctly as paving the way for my political career and those of many other women. We owe her so much. She inspired us women and girls. All of us thought new thoughts and imagined new possibilities because of Gerry.”

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