Friday, March 04, 2011

Wisconsin Gov. Claims Capitol Clean Up to Cost 7.5 Million! Another No Bid Contract?

Wisconsin's worst Governor ever would have us believe that cleaning up a little tape residue left by posters and fliers belonging to protesters is going to cost the state of Wisconsin $7.5 million!

Yesterday, Judge John C. Albert shot down this latest effort by the Walker Administration to discredit the protesters. Despite Walker's fanciful claims, Judge Albert ruled that the Capitol must be open to the public during business hours and that Gov. Walker's onerous Capitol access restrictions must be lifted by March 8.

In his ruling, Judge Albert wrote: “[T]housands of people peacefully protested for two weeks and no injuries or damage to personal or government property occurred."

I can think of a few people who would be happy to bid on that cleaning job, Governor Walker.

Meanwhile, as the Governor proceeds with his threat send out layoff notices, anyone looking to JOIN A PROTEST this weekend, should try Madison or most anywhere in the state of Wisconsin!!

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