Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats' Drive to Recall Anti-Union GOP Senators Greatly Exceeding Expectations

The more Gov. Scott Walker mouths off about his stubborn refusal to talk to, or compromise with, Democrats, the faster this recall effort will succeed. Greg Sargent has a report on the amazing progress from the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

[A]ctivists working on the recall push already collected over the weekend 15 percent of the total necessary signatures needed to force recalls in all eight of the GOP districts Dems are targeting. [T]he party -- which is helping to coordinate and keeping track of outside efforts to gather signatures -- set itself a goal of 10,000 signatures for the weekend, and has already exceeded it by 35 percent. .

[V]olunteers have collected 26 percent of the signatures required in one district, and 20 percent in another, though he wouldn't say which ones, because Dems want GOP senators to fret that they are the ones in question.

...As Ben Smith pointed out yesterday, the mechanics of recall drives favor unions, because of their organizing ability, and because many Republicans in Wisconsin occupy swing districts. Fourteen out of 19 GOP state senators preside over districts carried in 2008 by Obama.

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