Friday, March 25, 2011

Rachel Maddow: Tennessee's Union Busting GOP Working for a Bluer State, Yay! (Video)

Rachel Maddow notices Tennessee (last night's show!) and observes that the state's GOP lawmakers are making themselves hugely unpopular by trampling all over us little people. Rachel advises us to send our happily-blue thank you notes to the red scoundrels after the next election. In other words, Union Busting is the GOP's Weapon of Self Destruction.

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“The trouble with trying to do really unpopular things in politics is that they have a tendency to make the doer of those things really unpopular. You‘d think politicians would understand this since their careers are made or broken on the popular vote.” -- Rachel Maddow

TGW: Pro Union Protesters Arrested at Tennessee State Capitol

TGW: Thousands of Tennessee Teachers Rally at Capitol to Protest Union Busting Bill

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