Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Pink Gang - Women's Vigilante Group Fights the Misogyny

This is what female solidarity looks like! Scary, to rapists and other misogynists! Why can't we get this kind of solidarity among women in this country? The women's group, located in India, -- The Pink Gang shames and even beats up men who abuse women:

"There are so many struggles that women here have to go through, it never seems to stop," Pal says, wiping her forehead with the edge of her sari. "We don't like using violence, but sometimes that's the only way people listen."

...For years, Pal worked as a volunteer with local women's NGOs, but started the Pink Gang in 2006 because she was frustrated by their lack of progress. With few resources at her disposal, and little to no funding (Pal charges about $4 for membership to the group, in exchange for the pink sari that members wear proudly), the woman relies on her rusty bicycle and old Nokia cellphone to get around and solve problems. . .

For many women in India, the Pink Gang is their last hope for justice.

“People have tried to assassinate me, arrest me, abuse me and shut me up, but I won’t be quiet until things improve for the women here.” -- Usha Patel

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