Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nationwide Student Walk-Out to Support Teachers, Friday, March 11, 2PM

Michael Moore announced on the Rachel Maddow show that there will be a nationwide high school student walk-out to support teachers this Friday, March 11, 2pm (or an hour before your school day ends.) I guess Republicans don't have any kids in public schools. Fatcat Gov. Simon Legree Walker surely doesn't. If you know anyone in school, make sure they know about this. Spread the word! Like Michael Moore said: This is War!

"Walk out, call your local media, blog about it, let people know on FB and Twitter what you are doing, and spread the word! This is class war that has been leveled against working people of this country.” -- Michael Moore.

Oh yeah, don't forget to Donate to the Recall of the Fatcat Teacher-Hating Republican state Senators in Wisconsin by contributing to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Update: A Facebook page has been created: National High School Walkout
Here's another Facebook page: Highschool National Walkout against Union Busting - Friday March 11

TGW: Sneaky Wisconsin State Senate Just Passed the Union-Busting Bill Without Democrats

UPDATE #2 from: Wisconsin Students in Solidarity: We are asking all students in the United States to walk out at 2:00 PM local time in solidarity with Wisconsin and to organize teach-ins on the attacks on public education and working families where you live. [via]

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