Friday, March 04, 2011

Huckabee Attacks Natalie Portman for Being Pregnant and Single

Mike Huckabee doesn't have anything better to do than bash pregnant ladies. The Preacher and Fox News celebrity says Oscar-winning Natalie Portman will "glorify and glamorize" having children "out of wedlock." The Dan Quayle wannabe thinks ordinary women become single moms because rich and famous women do it.

Like most every remotely conservative man on the planet, Mike Huckabee has a big problem with single moms. Women raising children without men totally freaks the Mike Huckabees of the world. The preacher man should just shut up and be happy Natalie Portman is not gay and not having an abortion, both of which are also on the preacher's long, and biased against independent women, list of moralistic no-nos.

That said, Mike Huckabee is getting a reputation for speaking on subjects about which he knows nothing. Barack Obama is not from Kenya and Natalie Portman is engaged to the expectant father! [via]

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