Monday, March 07, 2011

Hillary Clinton on the Cover of Newsweek: 'Women Who Shake the World' (Video)

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the cover of the first issue of Tina Brown's brand new or revamped Newsweek. It works for me! This looks like the kind of magazine I might actually want to support.

Tina Brown is Newsweek's first female editor.

Despite the loud protestations to the contrary in the 2008 primary, (aka the 2008 Hating Women Festival) having a woman in charge does indeed make a difference.

The Hillary Doctrine: In a time of momentous change in the world, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sets out on her most heartfelt mission: to put women and girls at the forefront of the new world order.

The special issue features "150 Women Who Shake The World." [via Huffington Post]

Brown's first issue also includes a story detailing how the recession recovery will be led by women: Women Will Rule the World - Men were the main victims of the recession. The recovery will be female.

Jezebel offers a summary of The Hillary Doctrine.

And OMG! A Sunday morning political talk show led by a WOMAN, composed entirely of a panel of WOMEN talking about WOMEN'S RIGHTS (!) - in the video clip below:

Roundtable: Tina Brown (Daily Beast/Newsweek), Egyptian Writer/Activist Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, Zainab Salbi (Women for Women International ) and Sussan Tahmadebi (International Civil Society Action Network for Women's Rights, Peace and Security).

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