Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin Governor's Union-Busting Lies

Clearly if Republicans fulfill Reagan's dream and finish off the unions, Democrats won't be winning many elections for a very long time, and we can go ahead and give up on that long cherished dream of a social democracy. The New York Times editorializes:

Mr. Walker has decried the chaos, but it was entirely self-inflicted. His plan to undermine the unions, which would have no direct impact on the budget, would take away nearly all of their rights to negotiate.

. . . Meanwhile, the governor is refusing to accept his own share of responsibility for the state’s projected $137 million shortfall. Just last month, he and the Legislature gave away $117 million in tax breaks, mostly for businesses that expand and for private health savings accounts. That was a choice lawmakers made, and had it not been for those decisions and a few others, according to the state’s Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the state would have had a surplus.

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