Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Walker Asked to Leave Madison Restaurant

The unpopular Governor Walker will be lucky if he manages to ever again appear in public without being booed. Staying in office for the remainder of his one term is also going to be a challenge.

The name of the restaurant has been removed due to threats from Governor Walker's out of state fans:

The M******t [a restaurant] in Madison, WI confirms that on Friday night, ******* (one of the owners) politely asked Scott Walker to leave the establishment when other customers began booing him. A bartender at The M*****t said that ‘his presence was causing a disturbance to the other customers and management asked him to leave.’

Conservative bloggers are posting the restaurant's phone number and the owner's name and urging readers to call and complain. The very same conservative bloggers are simultaneously charging that the unpopular Governor's eviction never happened. Admittedly, the story sounds too good to be true. One can hope.

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