Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tens of Thousands Protest Wisconsin Governor's War on Unions (Video)

Lawmakers are working on an almost identical union busting plan here in Tennessee. Tax breaks for millionaires and union busting is the Republican agenda. And wherever there's a Republican agenda, our current Democratic President is not far behind.

And see another video.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Faces Backlash For Threatening Public Workers With National Guard -- What has attracted the most attention is Walker's threat to call out the National Guard in order to respond to a walk-out or any resistance to his plan.

MADISON, Wis. Teachers Union Asks People To Come To Capitol -- The leader of Wisconsin's largest teachers union wants all state residents to join protests in Madison against bill that would strip most public workers of almost all their collective bargaining rights.

All week, workers have flocked to the Capitol in giant waves of protests. On Wednesday, they were rallying on the Capitol lawn and picketing the streets on the Capitol Square. Crowds numbering as many as 13,000 have at times shut down traffic. Unions contend that Wednesday's crowd is closer to 30,000. So many Madison public school teachers called in sick Wednesday that the district closed down.

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