Friday, February 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Look-Alike Causes Stir At CPAC

Even a mere Sarah Palin look-alike at CPAC steals the show away from Mitt Romney and all the other boring GOP presidential contenders:

Lyons, who has Palin's look nailed down and calls herself "the world's premier Sarah Palin impressionist," sauntered around the conference of conservative activists commanding all the attention the real Palin would - hounded by television cameras, curious reporters, and some excited attendees who thought Lyons was the real deal.

At one moment Friday morning, Lyons – err, Palin – was swarmed by scores of college-age Republicans as Mitt Romney – the real one - was speaking in the ballroom fifty feet away. When it was apparent Lyons was in fact not the real Palin, many wanted her autograph anyway.

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