Monday, January 24, 2011

Carol Moseley Braun To Rahm Emanuel: 'Let's Talk About Tampons'

Former Senator Carol Moseley Braun recently suggested to Rahm Emanuel's face that his bad misogynistic boy temperament is simply too primitive for the people of Chicago, therefore he is not suitable for the position of Chicago's mayor.

Unfortunately, President Obama has already set the precedent by installing the in-your-face misogynist as the President's top man in the White House.

What Carol Moseley Braun said:

And you’re reported in the New York Post as telling your workers to, `Take the Tampons out and get to work.’ As a woman, this is really offensive. So, the question is, as a matter of temperament, how can you possibly do these kinds of things to people?

Emanuel replied that you just have to be tough or have a "strong personality" to be a leader (and we all know that people with strong personalities don't wear tampons).

Emanuel said:

First of all I have a strong personality because when it comes to fighting the NRA . . .

Carol Moseley Braun interrupted the sexist wannabe mayor:

Let's go back to tampons . . . let's talk about tampons. This isn't about guns, this is about tampons and how women would feel about someone who does that in the workplace.

Eventually it occurred to Emanuel to deny ever harassing his employees (presumably they were all male) with the misogynistic taunt, but no one believes him. Emanuel's use of the gendered insult was first reported in a book by Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter.

And regarding Emanuel's astonished bug-eyed look in the above photo:

Mayoral Debate at Tribune: -- Up until that point, Emanuel was cool as a cucumber. But she kept on him, talking about his "poking people in the chest, cussing 'em out" and being "mean-spirited and nasty". When she referred to media reports about his Tampon comment, Emanuel lost it. . .

Braun also challenged Emaneul on his role in healthcare reform's betrayal of women:

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