Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Morning Joe - A Morning Jolt of Sexism at the Liberal MSNBC

Eliza Gray at The New Republic examines some of the sexism that turns my stomach on a daily basis as I watch liberal MSNBC's morning reminder of how very far we are from the day when the status of women remotely approaches the status of men.

Male dominance, condescension, patronization and old time repulsively male-supremacist remarks, all are on display for your viewing pleasure on the liberal, but not feminist, MSNBC:

Scarborough should not shoulder all the blame for this dynamic. Brzezinski seems to have settled into a deferential role in which her primary responsibility is to keep order. . On her personal website, a picture of Brzezinski’s red high heels is captioned: “I click my heels three times to get a word in edgewise with Joe.” Just what every seasoned female journalist needs to keep up with her male colleagues: red high heels. Mika, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Whether liberal-leaning (MSNBC) or politically neutral (CNN), news networks owe their viewers something better. This daily dose of sexism is insidious—a setback for feminism and awfully annoying to watch.

"Mika, don’t make me backhand you." -- Joe Scarborough

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