Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mississippi to Free Scott Sisters: Gov. Barbour Orders Woman to Donate Kidney Or Else

Mississippi justice. The men who actually committed the robbery got 2 years. The women accused of enticing the robbery victims into a secluded spot got life.

If only the women had wielded penises and guns in the heinous $11.00 robbery, they'd have been out in 2 years. Instead they've been sitting in prison for 16 years.

So now Governor Haley Barbour is releasing the sisters, not because of the outrageously immoral and sexist injustice but BECAUSE it costs the state money to provide dialysis treatment for Jamie Scott! And this ignorant fool of a Mississippi Governor wants to be president. Never mind that Gladys Scott has already offered her kidney to her sister, the paternalistic Governor of Mississippi now orders Gladys to donate a kidney to Jamie Scott -- or else both sisters remain in prison.

Jamie, 38, and Gladys, 36, are serving life sentences in Mississippi for their role in a 1993 robbery that netted $11, despite having no prior criminal record. The three men also arrested in connection with the robbery pleaded guilty and have served their terms. Two of them testified against the sisters in return for lesser sentences.

The sisters were accused of luring two men to a spot outside the rural town of Forest, Miss., in 1993, where the men were robbed by three teenagers, one of whom had a shotgun. The Scott sisters knew the teens. The evidence of the sisters’ involvement has always been ambiguous, at best. The teenagers pleaded guilty to the crime, served two years in prison and were released. All were obliged by the authorities, as part of their plea deals, to implicate the sisters.

No explanation has ever emerged as to why Jamie and Gladys Scott were treated so severely.

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