Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Democrats Massacred In Bloodbath

If only the U.S. had a viable 3rd party, it would have cleaned up last night. Instead we have major wins for the other awful party that most Americans can't stand. And the chances of solving the nation's problems remain slim to none.

So long historic Speaker Nancy Pelosi and hello Speaker John Boehner, aka the highly emotional Tan Man, famous for bar-hopping, drinking and crying, especially famous for crying.

Yeah, and they said women have no place in politics because we are too emotional, but when a man does it, it's endearing or something. See Boehner's highly emotional choked-up victory speech. The GOP picked up nearly 60 seats in the House. Democrats held on to the Senate, just barely:

The Democrats got whipped yesterday. . There were a few bright spots for President Obama’s party: Joe Manchin winning the Senate race in West Virginia, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown prevailing in California, Harry Reid hanging on in Nevada.

The Democratic leadership has seemed almost in denial, with now-deposed Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling reporters late Tuesday afternoon that “we’re on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives.” That statement was inoperative within hours. . .

When a Russ Feingold loses, you know that public sentiment has turned against you.

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