Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sexually Harassed Reporter Ines Sainz Accused of "Asking for It" (Video)

Reporter Ines Sainz's allegations of sexual harassment by the New York Jets have led to the same old same old accusation that the woman was "asking for it." Instead of the out-of-control frat boy behavior of the New York Jets, the topic of conversation has been steered to the woman's clothes. Or what was she doing out of her house anyway?

Jezebel: ". . what's so depressing about this particular round of media fuckery is that with a very few exceptions, female reporters pretty much have to be conventionally attractive to get on television. But if they dress or act in such a way as to make themselves too attractive (Sainz has also been criticized for "flirting" with players and calling herself "hot"), then they obviously deserve to be harassed. It's almost as though the system is set up to keep women from being taken seriously, and to maintain their status as objects for public sexual scrutiny rather than actual professional people. One thing's for sure: this is about more than tight jeans, no matter what the guy from Law & Order says."
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