Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama Acts Like A Liberal & Picks Elizabeth Warren

Amazingly, Obama has made a decision that makes liberals and even feminists happy. Elizabeth Warren will be the one to set up the desperately needed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. On the other hand . . .

Besides her obvious talents, the woman has more charisma before her morning cup of coffee than Tim Geithner could summon if his career depended on it. After this gig, someone needs to persuade Warren to run for office.

Here's hoping the President doesn't silence her. What a pleasant change it would be to hear the voice of a woman as notoriously authentic as Warren on the national political stage, a woman who is not a Republican.

"The woman most capable of counteracting a Palin bounce for Democrats - Secretary of State Clinton- is not available to campaign." -- Anne E. Kornblut

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