Monday, September 13, 2010

Jon Stewart on the Cover of New York Magazine: America Is A Joke

New York Magazine has a good piece, aptly titled America Is A Joke, all about Jon Stewart and what he does for America:

The Obama presidency was supposed to spell doom—or at least irrelevance—for Bush-satirizing comics like Stewart and his protégé Stephen Colbert. But a funny thing happened and is continuing to happen. Stewart is as essential as ever. Lately the show has been on a hot streak, exposing anti-mosque demagogues and carving up spineless Democrats. One of the lessons of the recent past is that the circus is in town no matter who is in the White House . . . “Obama ran as a visionary and leads as a legislator. That’s been the most disappointing thing about him,” he says. “People were open to major changes, and they didn’t get it." . . .

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