Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Will the White House Apologize for Throwing Shirley Sherrod Under the Bus? (Video)

Well everybody and her sister is apologizing to Shirley Sherrod, except for Tom Vilsack (who is a member of Obama's cabinet) and President Obama. But this White House seems to have a talent for throwing friends and allies under the bus.

I'm still mad about the unjust dismissal of Van Jones, and now here's yet another social justice activist fired on the basis of lies from the rightwing. President Obama is just too damn focused on pleasing the rightwing, even when all they have to peddle is lies. Call it the Fear of Glenn Beck Syndrome. The White House owes this woman an apology and a job. How about a beer summit? Or is that only for the boys?

"They asked me to resign, and, in fact, they harassed me as I was driving back to the state office from West Point, Georgia yesterday," Sherrod told CNN. "I had at least three calls telling me the White House wanted me to resign…and the last one asked me to pull over to the side of the road and do it." Sherrod said the final call came from Cheryl Cook, an undersecretary at the Department of Agriculture. Sherrod said White House officials wanted her to quit immediately because the controversy was "going to be on Glenn Beck tonight."

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