Friday, July 16, 2010

Misogyny Watch: Vatican Declares Ordaining Women As Bad As Pedophilia

Attempting to ordain women is as bad a crime against the Church as raping children? So sayeth the crackpot Church Fathers at the Holy Vatican.

What millennium is this, you ask? Clearly, men have done such a fine job of keeping the human race forever mired in primitive wars, rape, greed, and more rape, why share the power with women?

Gee, I guess President Obama will soon be inviting the Holy Fathers to the White House:

In any case, it is clear where the Vatican's priorities lie. The Times cites the case of Rev. Roy Bourgeois, who was excommunicated two months after he took part in a ceremony ordaining a woman. It took years after bishops' requests, in many cases, to defrock pedophiles.

The new rules, which have been sent to bishops around the world, apply equally to Catholic women who agree to a ceremony of ordination and to the bishop who conducts it. Both would be excommunicated. Since the Vatican does not accept that women can become priests, it does not recognise the outcome of any such ceremony.