Monday, June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas Retires

Helen Thomas succumbed to the calls for her head today. The trailblazing reporter retired today, after 57 years of serving as one of a very few women reporters permitted in the White House. Thomas apologized for her controversial remarks, but there's no forgiving her.

The condemnations have been swift and unforgiving. Helen Thomas is Evil. The woman should be grateful we've given up the practice of stoning. It's not like we've known the 89 year old woman long enough to forgive a mistake. It's not like she's Jon Faveau. Ann Coulter. Pat Buchanan. Or Rush Limbaugh.

And never mind that the real story is that the Israeli military attacked a humanitarian vessel in international waters, killing, injuring and kidnapping the people on board.

The feminist trailblazing reporter has covered every President of the United States since the Eisenhower Administration. Helen Thomas broke down many barriers for women. Among the many, Thomas was the first woman journalist to serve as an officer of the National Press Club (The longtime National White Male Press Club first admitted women in 1970 and black men in 1955).

As is so often the case with our less than reliable media, some media outlets and blogs are wildly misreporting what Thomas said. For example, she did not say that anyone should be "forced" to leave Israel, nor did she say: "Jews should get the hell out of Israel." But exaggerating and misreporting makes it easier to hate. And the Village mob so loves to hate.

"I'm very sorry for my remarks. I think I crossed the line. I made a mistake."