Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lunatic Lawmakers Send 'Guns in Bars' Bill to Tennessee Governor

Everyone seems to be against this insane piece of gun-happy legislation except for our duly elected lunatic lawmakers who are whipped into submission by the lunatic NRA.

If Governor Bredesen allows this monstrous Guns in Bars bill to become law, people will want to don bullet proof vests before going out for dinner and drinks:

A wide open guns-in-bars bill cleared the state House Wednesday and went to the governor’s desk, allowing Tennessee’s 270,000 handgun-carry permit holders to take their weapons into honky-tonks, nightclubs and any place else that serves booze. The House voted 66-31 for the bill after a contentious debate in which even one longtime National Rifle Association supporter complained, “I’m sick and tired of talking about guns.”

“I’m not running again. You can tell because I’m sitting here criticizing the NRA."

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