Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leaked BP Memo Compares Employees to Three Little Pigs

What's the value of human life? Not that much if it gets in the way of making an obscene profit for BP. Here's more sickening news about the corporation that is in charge of the Gulf region of America. A document obtained by The Daily Beast shows that BP, in a previous fatal disaster, increased worker risk to save money. The leaked document calculates the worth of human life with a cost benefit analysis of workers construed as the "Three Little Pigs." Why should BP protect its workers with blast resistant houses when straw is so much cheaper?

If BP had splurged on a $500,000 valve, the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf might never have happened. But since it costs money to keep employees alive and since BP regards its workers as the equivalent of the "Three Little Pigs," BP didn't do that. Cause at BP, saving money is more important than saving lives:

The Daily Beast has obtained a document—displayed below—that goes to the heart of BP procedures, demonstrating that before the company’s previous major disaster—at a moment when the oil giant could choose between cost-savings and greater safety—it selected cost-savings. And BP chose to illustrate that choice, without irony, by invoking the classic Three Little Pigs fairy tale.