Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Apologizes for Erin Andrews Stalker Comment (Video)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck offers a tearful apology for her cruel 'blaming the victim' jab at ESPN's Erin Andrews, in the video below. Andrews rightly called Hasselbeck's remark a "a slap in the face to victims of stalking and sexual predators."

What Elisabeth Hasselbeck said about Erin's appearance 0n Dancing With the Stars: "[A]s inexcusable as it was for that horrific guy to go in and try to peep on her in her hotel room, I mean, in some way if I'm him, I'm like, ‘Man! I just could've waited 12 weeks and seen this — a little bit less — without the prison time!'"

"I think people can have opinions about the show, but my biggest complaint is she's a woman and a mother and it was a mockery of something I've lived through this last year. ... I felt like it was a slap in the face for victims of stalkers and victims of sexual predators." -- Erin Andrews