Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All I Want for Super Senate Tuesday is for Blanche Lincoln to Lose

Sorry to break with President Obama's wishes, but I've had it with conservadems. All I want for Super Senate Tuesday is for Blanche Lincoln to lose. Blanche Lincoln opposed the public option.

It's Dems like Lincoln who helped keep both single payer and the public option off the table. Perhaps that's why Obama likes her so much?

Or maybe Obama likes Blanche Lincoln because she is such a strong supporter of workers rights. Not! Obama actually made that claim in a radio ad for Lincoln, and that's as brazen a lie as you can tell considering that the labor unions are fighting hard for Lincoln's opponent. Blanche Lincoln is officially opposed to the Employee Free Choice Act, labor's top priority:

Organized labor has lined up against her, with unions investing nearly $7 million (most of it in stinging television advertisements) to deny her a third term. Lt. Gov. Bill Halter drew the support of nearly every left-leaning group in his primary challenge to Mrs. Lincoln. He does not have a legislative voting record — a godsend in this political environment — but he has sought to make the case that he would be a truer Democrat than their current senator. Mr. Halter was responsible for the bringing the state a lottery that finances college scholarships. His constituency could well include grateful parents whose children are in college because of his persistence.