Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White House Closes Lafayete Park Due to DADT Protesters, Kicks Out Media

What the White House doesn't want you to see: "President Obama, It's Time for Leadership. End Don't Ask, Don't Tell Now." And six gay and lesbian veterans handcuffed to the White House Gates.

Most transparent White House ever... Police chased reporters away from the White House and closed Lafayette Park today in response to a gay rights protest in which several service members in full uniform handcuffed themselves to the White House gate to protest "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." People who have covered the White House for years tell me that's an extremely unusual thing to do in an area that regularly features protests.

Pam Spalding: In a move that suggests the White House is feeling the heat on its slow-motion approach toward repealing DADT, it's now resorted to trying to stop press coverage of direct actions.
Update: Video of Arrests