Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Russia With No Love: Tennessee Mom Becomes World's Worst Mother

Dubbed the World's Worst Mother, Tennessee's Torry Ann Hansen has just made life much harder for countless orphans and their would-be adopted parents.

Thanks to Torry Ann Hansen, Russia is talking of freezing all Russia-to-United States adoptions and may even outlaw all adoptions to prospective parents in the U.S.

The Shelbyville, Tennessee mom had her adopted son put on a plane to Russia; the 7 year old boy's only company was a note from his adopted mom saying she no longer wanted him: 'I am sorry to say that ... I no longer wish to parent this child.' The story has rightly sparked a storm of international outrage. The boy reported that his adopted mother was "bad." He said she pulled his hair and "did not love him." Reportedly, Torry Ann Hansen has a biological child, a child that we should probably worry about.