Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Does Anyone Murder Women Besides Allegedly Loving Husbands and Boyfriends?

A tearful and apparently heart-broken Munawar Toha pleads for the return of his missing wife: "Your children miss you. Please come home." (Watch it!)

That was yesterday. Today police arrested Mr. Toha for cold-blooded premeditated murder. Seriously, does anyone murder women besides our allegedly loving husbands and boyfriends?:

(CBS) A Florida man was caught on tape stuffing his wife's body into a car trunk, then shoving the vehicle into a lake, police say. Authorities in Coral Springs say the body of Surya Sari-Prihatin Toha, 41, was found in her car, submerged in the lake. She was last seen late last month dropping her kids off at school.