Friday, April 02, 2010

Alabama School Officials Want to Paddle Teen Girl for 'Racy' Prom Dress (Video)

When adults want to paddle teenage girls (for the crime of wearing revealing prom dresses!) it's time to call the pervert police. As punishment for failing to meet the school's prom fashion standards, students were given the choice of being suspended or paddled. Seventeen students chose corporal punishment. No word on their gender, but you have to wonder if they were all girls and what were they wearing while school officials did the paddling? Erica Deramous explains why she chose suspension, and she sounds a lot more mature than the scary school officials who want to paddle teenage girls. Watch it:

Commenter at Jezebel: I wonder how many of the women who were punished had bigger breasts? We automatically sexualize women who have anything larger then a C cup, and it can be really hard to find a dress that 'hides' your cleavage and also looks good.