Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sarah Palin Jokes With Jay Leno on the Tonight Show (Video)

I thought the best part was the sit-down interview. Leno and Palin almost seemed to bond over the experience of being the target of over-the-top bad press. That clip is not available yet, so here's a small scene (watch it below) from Sarah Palin's debut as a stand-up comedian.

Earlier in the evening Palin mentioned that she has a new gig and will be playing Tina Fey. Letterman made a hopeless effort to compete with Jay by letting Mitt Romney on his show. Romney made a lame joke about Sarah Palin and rifles. Even when she's on the other channel, they can't stop themselves from obsessing over her.

"I have very strong, independent, well-adjusted kids. And I so respected that the media had left other politicians' kids alone. I would just ask for the same treatment." -- Sarah Palin