Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pelosi Makes Abortion Deal with Stupak

Abortion rights foe Rep. Bart Stupak wants his restrictive anti choice language put into the final health care deform bill. It appears that Speaker Pelosi is giving in to Stupak's demands in return for his vote. Jane Hamsher has the odious details.

The Hill reports that the pro choice caucus is "livid." NOW wants you to give Pelosi a piece of your mind. Or you can give money to Stupak's primary opponent. She's pro choice; let's hope she's more pro choice than Pelosi.

Update: Stupak has cancelled a press conference he had scheduled to announce his deal with Pelosi. The deal is off, say right-wingers. If true, all those late night calls from feminists, spurred by NOW, likely did some good!