Thursday, March 25, 2010

Justice Ginsburg to Sen. Bunning (R-KY): 'I Am Alive'

A full year after Senator Jackass Bunning from Kentucky predicted that the High Court's legendary feminist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would soon die, the woman signaled that she has not forgotten his contemptible words and fired back at him:

"I am pleased to report that, contrary to Sen. Bunning's prediction, I am alive and in good health."

. . Ginsburg hasn't missed a day of arguments since her diagnosis and has appeared as sharp as ever during oral arguments, sometimes dominating the questioning. In her comments, made to the Pro Bono Institute on March 19 but only recently posted on the Supreme Court's website, Ginsburg also weighed in on the recent controversy, fueled by Liz Cheney, questioning the loyalty of U.S. lawyers representing accused terrorists. . . read more