Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Canadians Fear Riots During Ann Coulter's Visit (Video)

Quote of the Day

"Since I’ve arrived in Canada, I’ve been denounced on the floor of Parliament — which, by the way, is on my bucket list — my posters have been banned, I’ve been accused of committing a crime in a speech that I have not yet given, I was banned by the student council, so welcome to Canada!”
-- Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is complaining because one of her events at a Canadian University was cancelled due to fears that students would riot. Previously, Coulter told a Muslim girl to "take a camel" because Muslims shouldn't fly! The lecture was cancelled after more than 2,000 students showed up to protest her appearance. Unfortunately, this appears to mean that she will be coming back.

Ann Coulter Speech Cancelled in Ottawa