Friday, March 19, 2010

Cable Networks Fight Over Sarah Palin Reality Show

People are calling it a reality show, but it actually sounds more like a documentary. And it will be all about the state of Alaska. It could be interesting to see Sarah Palin in a setting sans politics except, of course, we're sure her most serious political enemies will tune in and help make the show a huge success. Andrew Sullivan can hardly wait.

A&E and Discovery are said to be finalizing their bids and a decision could be made in the next few days. The trade reports that the show, which is being produced by Mark Burnett, could cost the winner about $1 million an episode. Burnett and Palin did pitch the project to the major broadcast networks, but they ultimately all passed.

Entertainment Weekly's initial report on the project described the show as "a travelogue-type documentary in which the former vice presidential candidate gives viewers an intimate look at her home state of Alaska."