Thursday, February 04, 2010

Too Liberal for Obama (T-Shirts!)

These great t-shirts are brought to us by Vast Left, a blogger I've admired for a very long time.

Vast Left writes:

Every day, more left-of-center Americans conclude that Barack Obama doesn't represent their liberal values. Yet the mainstream media still treats President Obama's left-side critics as all-but-non-existent. If you exist, and if you want others to recognize that Obama is mistaken to neglect the liberal base, deck yourself out in a 2L4O shirt!

I love the Too Liberal for Obama T-Shirt and Goddess knows I am definitely too liberal for Obama. As soon as I get mine, I will wear it proudly!

(I'm sure many of you remember Vast Left's Wish You Were Gore tune. . . ah, those were much simpler times.)