Monday, February 15, 2010

Sexist Bill Maher Stages 'Fashion Show' of 'Hot' Burka-Clad Women, Again (Video)

Bill Maher's show -- Real Time -- returns to HBO this week. It's as good a time as any to remember why the sexist slime can't get sponsors. Maher's new stand up act, But I'm Not Wrong, played on HBO Saturday night, and it featured yet another one of Maher's shamefully offensive Burka fashion shows. Maher called it the Christian Dior show.

Burka-clad women traipsed barefoot across the stage while Bill leered and made his signature snide and derogatory sexual comments. Jezebel has the clip. Below is another one, a clip of a Burka fashion show from one of Bill's old shows. Notice in the new show, Bill adds a twist, the women's bare feet and legs are exposed.

Gawd. I am so waiting for the day when women get up and stage a mass exit from his show. If this was the 1970s, Bill Maher wouldn't be able to walk through a door without confronting crowds of outraged women carrying signs. Alas, jerks like this thrive during eras of feminist apathy.