Monday, February 08, 2010

Sexism Watch With Gloria Steinem: Super Bowl Ads and Our Testosterone Poisoned World (Video)

Here's Gloria Steinem (scroll down) discussing anti choice Super Bowl ads, our testosterone-poisoned world, and how the USA "is the only modern democracy on earth that doesn't offer women choice."

Because, like we keep saying, all the other modern democracies offer a wide range of family supportive benefits which add up to genuine reproductive choice for women -- basic citizenship rights like national healthcare, national childcare and paid maternity leave. The best way to get those rights here in America is to get on a boat and leave.

The video clip below is titled "Jockocracy" -- a word penned by the late famed feminist (and one of the founders of NOW) Flo Kennedy to describe our sick frat boy culture. The clip features feminists Gloria Steinem, Jehmu Greene and Shelby Knox, via The Women's Media Center.

Watch it here!

"Kicking ass should be only where an ass is protecting the System. Ass-kicking should be undertaken regardless of the sex, the ethnicity, or the charm of the oppressor's agent. As the struggles intensify, the oppressor tends to select more attractive agents, frequently from among the oppressed."
-- Flo Kennedy