Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Campaigns for Martha Coakley (Video)

President Obama traveled to Boston today to try to save his presidency and the Democratic Party. And Ted Kennedy's old senate seat. The last time a Republican held that seat was 1952, and now Democrats are so demoralized, so tired of being thrown under the bus, that a Republican may actually win the seat.

Obama Heckled in Boston

"A year into his presidency, President Obama faces a polarized nation and souring public assessments of his efforts to change Washington, according to a newWashington Post-ABC News poll."

"Where in the hell are all those independents and moderate voters that the White House and our Democratic Senate have been sucking up to all year long while throwing the Leftist, activists under the bus?"

"It's going to be a hard November for Democrats. Our base is demoralized."