Monday, December 07, 2009

Turncoat Lieberman Crows: Obama's Not Talking About the Public Option

Turncoat Joe Lieberman is happily bragging that President Obama is no longer even talking about the public option. Is anyone surprised?

If Obama had wanted a public option, the King of Hope would have made certain that the measure had a name reminiscent of the civil rights era. If Obama had wanted a public option, it would have a killer slogan and a poster to die for. If Obama had wanted a public option, pop stars would be rapping at Youtube about the hipness and coolness of the MLK Option.

Speaking of a sham of a democracy, you probably think that the photo above is of Obama visiting one of those barbaric male dominated countries in the Middle East. Oops, that's Obama visiting the barbaric male dominated U.S. Senate. Why on earth would they give us basic universal health care in return for the taxes we already pay when they still refuse to give us equal or fair representation?

Obama spoke for roughly 30 minutes and did not take questions, senators said afterward.

Reid told reporters that Lieberman had approached him after the meeting to note the absence of the public option, but that folks shouldn’t read too much into Obama’s silence on the issue. “That doesn’t mean it’s not an issue, because the president didn’t talk about it,” said Reid.

Obama’s reluctance to stand up for the public option has been a source of contention between Reid, who is pushing for it, and Obama. Reid has asked five progressive senators and five conservatives to work out a compromise on the public option. The group will meet again Sunday afternoon, though without guidance from the president.

White House spokesman Bill Burton also mentioned insurance reform and affordability in his statement about the meeting, but neglected to mention the public option.