Monday, December 07, 2009

Sexist Ads OR Where NOT To Shop

One of the joys of Christmas shopping is Not rewarding sexist outlets that push the bro culture. Dockers is one of those He-Man businesses that longs for the day when men were men and all the little wimmin kept their mouths shut and obediently serviced the men.

Hortense breaks down the Dockers Man-Ifesto:

You'll note that the word "manifesto" is separated into two parts, so that men, who apparently need to be reminded how to be men, will be able to identify that this is a very manly ad campaign. The word "man" is right there! And just in case men didn't get the memo that Dockers were some hardcore ass-kickin' gender-defining threads, the man-ifesto itself is filled with sexist, homophobic, patronizing bullshit that speaks, in Campbell's Chunky Soup badass font, to what is apparently a target demo of 17 year old douchebags in order to promote the notion that wearing Dockers is akin to be a true grown up.

And this one -- about how men should spend their leisure time while servile wives are performing chores for the men -- was seen outside of Macy's.