Monday, December 28, 2009

Senate Rebuffs Progressive Nominees. Will Obama Fight for Them?

Before adjourning for the holidays, the senate refused to confirm six of Obama's nominees, including the solidly progressive Office of Legal Counsel nominee Dawn Johnsen and Department of Labor Solicitor Patricia Smith.

But all is not lost. President Obama could renominate them. President Obama could fight for them. Yeah, right. We all know that Obama won't do that. No Drama Obama is a lot of things, but most certainly he is not a fighter.

Paul Rosenberg, over at Open Left, says it best:

The year is almost over, and it's time to face facts: Obama is a great campaigner, but for politicians, campaigning is only a means to an end. And when it comes to the ends achieved, Obama is not even close to playing in the deep end with the grown ups of presidential history, such as they are. During his campaign, Obama tried to paint himself with the ambition of presidential greatness. He would break the gridlock, end the culture wars and get us back to solving the big problems we face that others have been ducking for so long.

Two words: Yeah, right. . .

Bush could have successfully nominated a horse for any of those positions. A dead horse. Obama, OTOH, would have trouble nominating Jesus.

He is the very definition of a mediocre politician, frittering away his ability to get anything done, while constantly worrying about looking good in the eyes of people who despise him. Once upon a time, it was a badge of honor that they despised him. But by now, he has confirmed their judgment with his pathetic acquiescence to their sense of priorities--and proprieties.