Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reid Deigns to Permit Liberals to Vote FOR Single Payer - Better Late than Never

Harry Reid could have waited longer to permit a vote on the life-saving single payer amendment, maybe Christmas day would have worked for him?

Republicans are determined to work through Christmas day. Senator Coburn has forced the reading aloud of the entire 700 page plus single payer bill

Watch the single payer debate at C-Span. Bernie Sanders is no Democrat, and after listening to his passion for single payer, all I can say is, it figures.

The Sanders Amendment would provide health care and dental coverage for every American, save money, and improve health care results."In my view, the single-payer approach is the only way we will ever have a cost-effective, comprehensive health care system in this country," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose amendment will come before the Senate. . . "One of the reasons our current health care system is so expensive, so wasteful, so bureaucratic, so inefficient is that it is heavily dominated by private health insurance companies whose only goal in life is to make as much money as they can," Sanders said. Sign Sanders' petition here.