Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Toys for Children of the Undocumented

After word got out that the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program was reserved for the children of documented citizens only, the outcry was so loud that the Salvation Army announced that henceforth it would permit Santa to visit even the children of undocumented parents. Still, it happened. And other charities are continuing the shameful practice. This is NOT progress:

Some children in Nashville this Christmas awoke to a barren Christmas tree because their parents weren't able to provide Santa with social security numbers. What does it say about a country when two of its largest holiday gift givers, the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program, and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots, will decline applicants who are unable to demonstrate proof of citizenship, and income, according to an article in The Tennessean.

The Angel Tree program, based in Nashville, will have distributed Christmas presents to nearly 15,000 children and seniors throughout Tennessee in response to nearly 5,000 applications, and this program that matches gifts to families in need, is not shy about its requirement to produce a social security card. . . Any charity that would reject the children of immigrants at Christmas isn't worthy of the name.