Sunday, November 08, 2009

Stupak Amendment Passes; 64 Dems Voted to Throw Abortion Rights Under the Bus

The anti-choice Stupak Amendment -- "a dramatic departure from current law which would restrict a women's right to choose" -- passed 240 to 194. If this measure becomes law, private insurance companies will have to drop the abortion coverage which they currently offer.

UPDATE #1: Jan Schakowsky, the co-chair of the Congressional Women's Caucus, explains:

This amendment says that a woman CANNOT purchase coverage that includes abortion services using her own dollars; middle class women, using exclusively their own money will be prohibited from purchasing a plan including abortion coverage in every single public OR PRIVATE INSURANCE PLAN in the new health care exchange. Her only option is to buy a separate insurance policy that covers only abortion – a ridiculous and unworkable approach since no woman anticipates needing an abortion. This amendment is a radical departure from current law and will result in millions of women losing coverage they already have.

Sixty-four (64) Democrats voted for the draconian anti-woman measure. Here are the traitors' names. (Roll Call) Oh looky, my dying-to-be-primaried Congressman Jim Cooper is one of the 64 Dems who voted to throw women's rights under the bus. As Rayne over at Firedoglake observes: 64 Dems are just begging for primary opponents.

UPDATE #2: Toward that goal, Paul Rosenberg has compiled a table of some things you need to know about turncoat Dems. And be sure to see Jane Hamsher's article on the massive failure of Planned Parenthood and NARAL.