Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obama/Hillary 2012?

Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Vice Presidential slot on the 2012 ticket? Making her the Democratic presidential candidate for 2016? Who's to say if this is a hot rumor or an actual leak? The naysayers once thought that Hillary as Secretary of State was a mere wild rumor.

I can think of millions of reasons why this would be good for the country. And at least 153 million of those reasons are women. It's quite likely that Obama views such a move as a strategy aimed to win back at least some of the alienated Democratic base, as well as all of those Independents who have recently moved away from the current Administration in droves.

And then there is the thought of Joe Biden as the presidential contender in 2016. Joe Biden has already run for president, and he won what? One percent of the vote?

Goddess knows the Obama Administration could use a little help in the fighting for core Democratic values department!

The hot rumor in Washington: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could replace Vice President Joe Biden on the 2012 Obama re-election ticket. It would be a reward for her work at State and ready her for a 2016 run, as some strategists think Biden would be too old then to run for president.

I came across this rumor at Jezebel where Latoya Peterson wisely castigates Newsweek's Michael Hirsh who actually writes that the world would be a better place if only Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton would stop getting "sidetracked on women's issues."

My thanks to Latoya Peterson for putting Hirsh in his rightful place:

Silly ladies! Don't we know that the real work of stabilizing a country by empowering a disenfranchised segment of the population will have to wait until we've sufficiently rattled sabres and swung dicks around?

Photo via Madame Secretary