Saturday, November 07, 2009

Health Care/Abortion Reform: Catholic Bishops v. Women's Rights

What's a little thing like a constitutional right when it applies to women only? Catholic Bishops were afraid that our Democratic controlled Congress might forget who's important when it comes to alleged health care reform. Women? Or the Church?

Ah, but not to worry. Nancy Pelosi has submitted to the will of the Bishops. The Bishops are pleased to report that the House will vote today on the amendment that will forbid certain private insurance companies from covering abortion.

Sounding quite surreal, like the Politico of Theocracy, a headline at Politico reads: Bishops Endorse the Amendment.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood are apparently defenseless when it comes to dueling with the old church fathers, but these days, NARAL and Planned Parenthood take their orders from the White House:

Thank you, Planned Parenthood and NARAL, from the bottom of my heart, for sitting on your hands and enabling this shit. Hope you have fun at all those Common Purpose meetings, those cocktail parties at the Pelosi’s. You own this one. It’s not like they haven’t been perfecting this act for a long time. Helping the Democrats stay in power by giving them the Official Good Gyno Seal of Approval even when they do things like — oh, I don’t know, voting for Samuel Alito and tell rape victims to take a cab to another hospital if they want to get Plan B contraception.

Better late than never, it pretends, Planned Parenthood speaks:

Planned Parenthood decried the amendment, saying it would result in the elimination of abortion coverage currently offered by most private health insurance plans.

"This amendment would violate the spirit of health care reform, which is meant to guarantee quality, affordable health care coverage for all by creating a two-tiered system that would punish women, particularly those with low and modest incomes," the group said in a statement. "Women won't stand for legislation that takes away their current benefits and leaves them worse off after health care reform than they are today."

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