Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Gets the Nobel 'We're So Glad You're Not Bush' Prize

I have yet to hear anyone, right or left, express anything other than shock at the news that the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to President Obama. This is yet more evidence that the world has gone mad. I can only understand this oddity in terms of the world's great happiness and joy over the replacement of deranged war-monger Bush with the new hopefully peaceful and radical departure from all things Bush, President Obama. The only problem is, so far Obama has not been a radical departure from all things Bush.

Glenn Greenwald asks how the Nobel Peace Prize can go to someone who is so recently responsible for escalating the American war in Afghanistan and producing tortured and mangled children like the ones pictured here?

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize: A story that at first seems like an Onion gag continues to feel that way upon further reflection. But far more important than the lack of actual accomplishments are some of the policies over which Obama has presided that are the very opposite of peace. Already this year, he not only escalated the American war in Afghanistan, but has ordered air raids that have produced things like this.

MLK Accepts Nobel Peace Prize