Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Health Insurance Company Tells Woman to Get Sterilized (Video)

Here's more proof that sexism is the pre-existing condition that matters. Golden Rule Insurance Company -- a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group -- rejected Peggy Robertson's application because the woman has had a C-Section. The company told Peggy Robertson that she would be eligible for health insurance coverage if she would just get sterilized!

So there you go, if the women of America would just get sterilized, we might get some health care. When was the last time they told a man to get castrated, or to lay off the Viagra? Currently more than half of health insurance companies don't cover maternity care because more than half of American health insurance companies are stinking with sexism.

Today, Peggy shared her story before a Senate committee. Her experience mortified everyone, including Sen. Mikulski, who called it "bone-chiling" and the insurance policy "morally repugnant."

Being a Woman Is a Preexisting Condition

via The Democrats' Missing Message For Women and Health Reform